J4G Membership is an investment in self!!

A small annual fee – less than a few trips per month to your favorite coffee shop – brings you a lifetime of benefits. Membership in J4G is open to all women who periodically need a break from the hustle and bustle of life and who yearn for exceptional experiences full of laughter, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Remember J4G is all about you! Just you! J4G offers a host of priceless benefits:

Exceptional ExperiencesThese benefits begin with our 11 annual “exceptional experiences.” Our events are much more than a typical “ladies night out.” They are exceptional experiences designed to enable you to take a deep breath, to release all your stress and worries, and to embrace self-indulgence through an evening or afternoon of laughter, friendship and fun! Please check out our past events and our upcoming events! Members will always enjoy a reduced participation fee for the exceptional experiences.

Member only Annual Spa Trip Annually J4G members “run away from home” to enjoy a weekend filled with massages, facials, mani’s, pedi’s, laughter, yoga and, of course, wine!!

Member only Annual Holiday Party To end the year, J4G hosts an annual holiday party and voluntary gift exchange. Our holiday party is always a riot… filled with dancing, games, exciting gifts and prizes from Just 4 Girlfriends. This is a party you do not want to miss!!

Member only “by J4G for J4G business review” and resource lists J4G is here to make your life easier! To accomplish this goal, J4G has created a members only business review and referral system, allowing our members to read and review businesses. No need to pour through hundreds of online reviews if you can go to J4G review system and contact the reviewing member with questions! J4G has also created a various helpful “J4G approved” resource lists for its members. Need to find a summer camp, tutor, dentist, date night restaurant? J4G approved lists will help you!

Member only J4G Blog J4G members also have access to a “members only” blog that allows members to share thoughts and ideas about reclaiming and prioritizing their true selves!

Member only discount card program J4G membership can pay for itself!! J4G has partnered with various businesses to provide members with discounts on products and/or services. Members will receive a discount card that will need to be presented to receive these benefits.

Consider these other benefits you can enjoy as soon as you join:

 • much-deserved “me” time

• stress-reducing resources

   • laughter-inspiring activities


• lifelong friendships

• leisure-filled and responsibility-free fun

• engaging activities for your soul

Annual Membership Fee – $349
($175 for members living outside of the Chicagoland or DMV area)

Less than $30 per month or a few trips to your local coffee shop! Invest in yourself!