Just 4 GirlFriends’ mission is to create an environment for all women to embrace self-care and self-preservation by providing engaging experiences that rejuvenate the mind and soul.



In 2013, Founder and CEO, Angelique David, brought an amazing group of professional, busy moms together to simply share a night out – free from stress and responsibility. Who doesn’t need a night to be “selfish” and indulge in self-care and self-preservation!! From there, “Girls Night Out” was formed and its participants continued to meet monthly for a night of fun and relaxation. From 2013-2017, the Girls Night Out group grew from 9 participants to 80 participants! In May 2017, Angelique formed Just 4 GirlFriends, LLC – allowing its members to enjoy bigger and better events, partnership discounts and other members-only benefits.