Kumon is ok, depending upon your child. Kumon’s main focus is mastery of certain subject matters. As such, children are timed when doing their workbooks. I have found that Kumon also has a strict learning center – you sit down, start your time and get your work done. You are encouraged to figure it out by yourself quietly before asking for any help. While this may be great for some children, this created additional stress and anxiety for my child. All of these factors made Kumon more of a stressful learning environment than an enriching environment. After our Kumon experience, I enrolled my children in Eye Level. This was a world of difference! Eye Level takes a more nurturing approach to learning. The workbooks are much more “kid friendly” and they are not timed. Children sit at tables with teachers and while they are encouraged to figure things out for themselves, there is a teacher within arms reach to assist. Eye Level also “teaches” critical thinking, which I have not found in any other program. I would highly recommend Eye Level as an enrichment program.